Welcome! I want to share my enthusiasm For The Food Life: The who, what, where, and how we celebrate the eating and drinking experience. My mission is to share it with you. In doing so I will learn from you: What you like.  What you want.  How to make it happen. And Where to find it.

It’s an exciting and challenging era, with the many ways we connect and comment about our experience regarding what we consume for nourishment and pleasure.  There is ever expanding numbers of us working in the industry, at various stages of our lives and careers.  Sometimes by choice, sometimes from the dissatisfaction of the other options, and certainly for some of us it’s just part of a journey. There are limitless types of venues and work environments, and the experience can be fondly remembered for some, or never ending destiny for others.

Amazingly, there are some experts in the business world now bold enough to actually consider our work  “A Real Job!”

Regardless of the type of attention, it is still a life where success requires a unique, relentless spirit, unstoppable energy, constant attention to detail, ability to change while learning every day, and finding Joy in the process.

So when you find an experience worth having again; if it’s memorable enough to recommend to those of us that share your passion for “Good Eats on the Go”, then express yourself in celebration – “For the Food Life!”

This is what I love, why I love it, and what I do.  Join Me!

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