Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana – Germantown/Memphis, TN

Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

1215 South Germantown Road, Germantown, TN 38138

Traveling to Memphis Germantown area Medical Clinics?   Looking for delicious food on the go?  Give Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana a try.

We visited again yesterday, April 26, 2016 and had a great lunch.  We had Taco plates, Ellen had marinated Sirloin and I had the Red Snapper Tacos both of us had small (very small) side Guacamole and we both had the House special Ice Tea with Citrus and Mint added.

First of all the Teas were the best I have had in Memphis.  This was not just sugar sweet tea, this was so flavorful and just sweet enough, with each sip ringing with Oranges, Mint and Lime as well as fresh brewed Tea.  Of Course it is $4.95 a glass, but really we thought is was worth every penny.  The food was fresh and delicious like the first time .

When the Manager found out it was my wife’s first visit he brought us a sample of the Elote Con cotija y Mayonesa (seasoned corn on the cob) that was delightful.  Below the pics is an earlier review….

Las Tortugas Corn

Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana Mirror Sign

First, this is not your average Mexican Restaurant and certainly stands out in the Memphis area.   If for no other reason for what they offer. Of course they also feature the unique personality of the Owner; Jose “Pepe” Magallanes, whose philosophy and humor is plastered all over the walls in Pictures, Quotes, Check copies, and more.

The name Tortugas comes from the Bread Loaves they bake daily, then scoop out and grill. So it is just the shell of the bread called a “Tortuga”.

You can spend from $4.25 to $17.95 on a menu item here, again, not the norm.               In fact the only Tacos they serve are the small soft tacos, served 4 to an order with 2 kinds of homemade salsa, lettuce and spiced cucumber salad and hand cut tortilla chips. Each taco is then garnished with fresh avocado, lime, cilantro, sweet onion and salsa tayde.

I tell you because it’s important to know it’s not going to be like any Mexican place you have probably ever been, especially around Mid South, unless you’ve also traveled to Mexican Baja Gulf coastal towns. And there it would be a lot cheaper.

I like the Antojitos or “small plates” section of the menu. Recommend: Flauta de Huachinango – Red snapper rolled in a Fried “flute” with lime, cotija cheese, crema fresca and salsa Valentina.   Also everyone likes the: Elote Con cotija y Mayonesa – Sweet corn steamed fresh rolled in lime mayo cotija cheese and crushed chilies.

Fresh Mango juiced and blended with shaved ice – very authentic, but some might consider it pricey at $4.95

I really enjoy the place, but it may not be for everyone, and as Pepe says: “Be nice or leave.”   In other words he doesn’t want to hear that you are disappointed that he doesn’t have Taco Bell items!

The presentation is 1st class.   The Daily Special board may offer Lobster, Ceviche, Clams, Locally raised Beef, or even Scallops on any given day. They say their food is purchased at local markets daily, instead of large food service companies.  Though there is something on the wall about it not being street food, it is served in lined plastic baskets and disposable cutlery that you get at the serve yourself beverage station…so I guess they are referring to the content in the baskets…