The Cupboard – Lunch

The Cupboard is a Memphis tradition since 1943 and has been at its current location since 2000.  It features fresh vegetables, prepared “Down Home” style, but now make their vegetables without the animal fats, as they were usually prepared in the good old days on the farm.  The family used to be in the Produce business and their knowledge of fresh vegetables shows in the daily variety of sides they offer.

The offer 8 to 10 entrees every day with about 20 sides to choose from.  You can get a 4 veggie plate for $8.49, or Meat and 2 for $9.87 or Meat and 3 for $10.49.  They all come with your choice of fresh breads: Corn bread mini muffins or Homemade pan rolls.  There is always at least 6 desserts on the menu and a Dessert of the day that is usually Cobbler or Banana Pudding.  Banana Pudding may be the best around.

My personal favorite is the 4 Veggie plate and generally put together 4 of my favorites, including:  Eggplant casserole, Fresh Turnip Greens, Italian Spinach, Carrot Souffle, Butter Beans, Lima Beans, Field Peas with snaps, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Okra, Buttered Squash, Crowder Peas, etc..   If I get a meat they have some of the best Grilled Catfish around, and of course if you prefer it Fried that is excellent as well, served with Hush Puppies and homemade Tartar sauce (with Red Onions which gives it a pink tint).

Can’t really go wrong here, the menu varies daily, even on the weekends, they close at 8pm and I recommend that you eat there from 11am to 3pm, but dinner is certainly a value as the prices stay the same all day.  Link:

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